Contemporary Christian Romance Author Diana Lainey Publishes New Book – The Armor of God Part 1

“The Armor of God Part 1 by Diana Lainey”

Diana Lainey is pleased to announce the release of her new contemporary Christian romance, The Armor of God Part 1. It is the first book in the Into His Love Filled Hands series and was published by Bright Light Publishing in June 2022.

Experience the suspenseful tension in this heartfelt installment in an ongoing Christian romance series between friends and lovers, where no matter how dark the trials, God’s light can shine the way to true love.

Going through tough times on wellness, Courtney wants her difficult relationship with Kevin to work, especially for their two young children.

When their finances go from pitiful to prosperous overnight, it seems incredibly convenient for Courtney – who was the breadwinner until now.

Where does her boyfriend’s money come from?

More disheartening, even with plentiful funds, Kevin still fails to contribute to household bills and even forces Courtney, Amanda, and Josh to leave their house and move into an apartment in an infamous part of town.

Courtney finds herself struggling with no job and no hope of making Kevin a husband.

Then a good friend from her Christian past comes back into her life.

A series of ongoing Christian romances between friends and lovers, where faith in God lights the way to true love.

Book information:

The Armor of God Part 1

In her series of loving hands

By Diana Lainey

Publisher: Bright Light Publishing

Posted: June 19, 2022


Genre: Contemporary Christian novel

About the Author:

Diana Lainey started the Into His Love Filled Hands series after leaving her boyfriend of several years. It was during the editing phase that she had her own miraculous encounter with God and Jesus! Since then, she has found boundless joy and comfort in praising the Lord and simply being in the presence of His Glory. His own story is very much like Courtney’s and therefore continues to be inspired by her, and by God, as he continues to provide the path to healing for Diana and her two children in their current home with their family in Australia. By purchasing this book, you’re not only helping Diana rebuild her life after struggling in a relationship with an addicted partner…you’re also supporting her dream of opening a charity that improves lives globally. through community mental health initiatives.

Diana’s love of storytelling created not just this series, but a clothing brand that spreads the gospel. Since finding out through Into His Love Filled Hands that she could wear the Armor of God, she decided she would do it with pride and is typing this biography while wearing her pink Armor of Sweater. God and his favorite printed leggings!

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