Closure of the Contemporary Ensemble of Montreal

(Image courtesy: The Contemporary Ensemble of Montreal / Facebook)

Artistic director and founder of the Contemporary Ensemble of Montreal (ECM +), Véronique Lacroix, Recount Ludwig van that even before the start of the pandemic, there had already been discussions about the conclusion of the package.

The news broke in Montreal during what was to be one of ECM +’s last concerts. The ensemble is a leader among Canadian chamber orchestras, having premiered more than 280 works since its founding in 1987.

ECM + adopts flexible instrumental arrangements by forming small groups of soloists or a chamber orchestra of about twenty musicians. Their collaborators included Louise Bessette, Marc-André Hamelin, Matt Haimovitz, dance companies Flak and Public case, Nathalie Choquette, and Jonathan raven.

Since 1998, ECM + was in residence at Montreal Conservatory, recorded eleven albums and broadcast several concerts on Radio-Canada. They have participated in festivals internationally, including Ottawa Chamber Festival, ISCM World Days of Contemporary Music, and Belgium ARS Musica Festival.

“We have been here for 35 years,” said Lacroix Ludwig van. “We have made 300 creations, several international tours, 11 Canadian tours and 70 concerts across the country just to Generation [ECM+’s national composition competition], “she explained.

ECM + Generation project sees young composers on tour across Canada for 18 months while showcasing their work. “Generationn plays a very important role in the balance of the contemporary Canadian music scene, ”said Lacroix.

After continuing nationwide since 1994, Generation is the only project of its kind in Canada and will be continued by Quebec Paramirabo set with six years of funding by ECM + to help with its maintenance.

“The list of our accomplishments is very long and covers all aspects of the discipline,” continued Lacroix. “We worked so hard. I did exactly what I dreamed of. I still have the flame, but I no longer have the energy. Before, the word ‘fatigue’ was not even a reality for me, but time does its work, ”she reflected.

“Good luck to everyone, especially to the young composers and performers whose career I wish to continue. with confidenceLacroix wrote on Facebook. “Creation is a long and wonderful journey where good companions meet, all along the way …”

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