Buried Stars interactive visual novel releases worldwide on Steam

Buried Stars interactive visual novel releases worldwide on Steam

Buried stars is an interactive, mystery and adventure game in the form of a visual novel that features 2D and 3D graphics as well as a variety of voice actors. The game was released worldwide today for PC, where it was initially released in July 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 platforms. Buried stars is developed by Studio LARGO with LINE Games Corporation and published by LINE Games Corporation.

The premise of the game surrounds a live survival audition in its fourth season titled “Buried Stars”. In the show’s live finale, the stage collapsed and trapped contestants and some staff in the area. With limited contact with the outside world, applicants can only communicate through social media using their sponsored smartwatches, where they have to rely on social media and show fans for updates on their own. situation. Suddenly an anonymous user leaves a comment warning candidates of a murder that will take place to make candidates pay for their crimes. It’s up to the main character to help the contestants survive until the rescue team appears.

As a player, it’s your job to find out who the murderer is and how they were able to plan this attack. You will use social media clues, where you can check your timeline to receive clues about your current situation. You will also need to communicate with competitors to find clues and keep them sane. There are also several endings that result from your choices, and these results reveal the stories of each of the survivors.

If you want to live stream your game of Buried stars, you should be aware of the streaming policy applied by LINE Games Corporation. According to official site for Buried stars, only a certain part of the game can be live streamed and the game will notify you when you reach that stage. After this point, the game can still be streamed live, but redistribution of the game via videos or screenshots is prohibited to allow other players to enjoy the game on their own. The restriction will continue for the remainder of the game play time, including the end credits until you reach the title screen.

You can buy Buried stars on Steam for the initial price of $ 39.99. Currently, the game is on sale for $ 33.99 until December 6, 2021.


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