Burger King is selling the Whopper for a ridiculously low price this weekend

Of all the items on Burger King’s menu, the Whopper might occupy the most distinct place in our popular culture – and in the hearts of patrons. In honor of Whopper’s 64th birthday, the company is taking a major step backwards with a “two-day birthday party,” which just happens to be a pretty good deal. This weekend, December 3 and 4, Burger King will sell the Whopper for just 37 cents, the same price as in 1957. The catch is, it will only be available to those who are part of Burger King’s Royal. Perks rewards program and ordering through the Burger King app.

The news comes just days after another key announcement from Burger King – that they will be removing certain menu items to reduce the time customers spend in their drive-thru lanes.

“We are working to eliminate SKUs, simplify processes that have gotten a little too complicated, and do a better job in terms of menu design to make it easier for drive-thru customers in particular to make decisions.” , said Jose Cil. the CEO of RBI said at Morgan Stanley’s Global Consumer and Retail conference on Tuesday. “With the increase in volume in the drive-thru, this is a very easy win in terms of generating additional volume in our business. We have become too slow and we need to fix it. “

Burger King has not had the best year. Unlike the gains posted by McDonald’s and Wendy’s in the third quarter, Burger King actually posted a loss of 1.6%. in same-store sales. Burger King posted an 18.2% increase in the second quarter – but still closed a 13.4% gap from a loss a year earlier.

“Our underlying problem has really been focus and pace. We haven’t put enough emphasis on the few priorities that will have the greatest impact,” Cil said in a previous interview with CNBC. “We haven’t moved fast enough on these priorities to accelerate business performance to the level we know we can do. “

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