Breaking Point: Journalist-turned-author sees his first novel among the bestsellers

Irish journalist Edel Coffey says she is delighted after her debut novel ‘Breaking Point’ topped Eason’s bestseller list this week.

A former book editor for the Irish Independent and editor of the Irish Independent Weekend Magazine, as well as a seasoned journalist and arts broadcaster, he was ranked number one in Eason’s Fiction Top 20 list. this week.

She broke the good news on her Twitter account last night, saying:

“My dream was to write a book and have it published. I never dreamed that THIS would happen. Thank you for everyone who purchased a copy.

Her good news was preceded by an earlier Twitter post in which she announced that the novel was also on AppleBooks Best Book of the Month.

In an interview with the Irish Independent last month, the Galway-based mother-of-four said she took time off during the school run to write her novel, never expecting it fetched a six-figure sum when released by Sphere after a multi-publisher auction.

She is represented by prestigious literary agent Marianne Gunne O’Connor and has garnered rave reviews for the novel, which tells the harrowing story of a successful New York doctor and mother whose life unfolds when she inadvertently leaves her baby in the hottest car. day of the year.

The plot was inspired by the tragic real-life story of a father who forgot to take his child to nursery and left the baby in the car, who later died.

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In her foreword to the book, Ms Coffey said: ‘Breaking Point has become a novel that examines now we live now. This is professional burnout. It’s a matter of pressure. It’s about how having everything is a damaging myth.

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