Book sale aims to support Dickinson area public library

Friends of the Library, a group of volunteers who operate the non-profit Twice Sold Tales bookstore, will host the “$ 5 to fill a bag” book sale from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, October 23 in the community hall of the Dickinson public area. Library. In addition, all books in the Twice Sold Tales bookstore will be half price during this period. The bookstore is located at 128 Second St. W., a short walk from the library.

Friends of the Library volunteer Starla Hecker said all proceeds will go to the library.

“We fundraise for library programs that affect children. Like if there was a summer or winter reading program, we provide prizes and all the little things they need to run their programs, ”Hecker said.“ It’s kind of like this for what they don’t have money in their budget, Friends of the library comes from this bookstore. People around town shop here. They also clean their cupboards and bring us books. So that’s what we’re living on, is people’s gifts. It is run entirely by volunteers.

The Friends of the Library consists of a team of 20 volunteers and 15 substitutes who work in the library in three-hour shifts. There are a lot of open teams and Hecker said she would like to have more volunteers. She explained that for volunteers, the meaning of the group’s name is twofold.

“They also have their partner with whom they still work. We have friends who sit down and do puzzles together. Some play cards together, some knit or crochet. So it’s kind of like a cool, laid back little place. Then there are always people who come in (and) watch; you help them find books, ”she said.

Twice Sold Tales is sort of a hidden gem in Dickinson, Hecker added.

“There are a lot of people in this city who still don’t know this place,” she said.

The store keeps books organized by title and genre. New books are digitized into the store’s digital inventory. Sometimes the store receives more than three or four copies of a single title, Hecker said. Any excess is sent to a national book exchange called One Book World, which pays a 15% deposit.

Hecker encourages community members to keep family rate receipts for the bookstore. For every $ 150,000 in receipts collected, Family Fare will donate $ 1,000 to the Makerspace Youth Robotics Program.

Hecker said Twice Sold Tales is a special place.

“All the volunteers and I are very attached to this little house. It’s kind of like our happy little place. Because if you love books, you love to see people find the books they love and see their eyes light up when they find one they are looking for. It kind of makes your day, ”she said.

In addition to her volunteer work at the bookstore, Hecker is a part-time teaching assistant at Lincoln Elementary School in Dickinson.

“I’m still in kindergarten, so I mustn’t have learned anything yet,” she said.

For those who have further questions about selling books or would like to learn more about the Friends of the Library volunteer efforts, call Twice Sold Tales at 701-456-7830.

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