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By Jim Huse

Commented by Cathy Parker

In 2010, we reviewed Jim’s book “Revolutionize the Way You Work”. from which we have drawn a number of valuable tips. Huse has a background in Sales, Psychology and Business Improvement and has now released this companion title.

A key point he emphasizes in the foreword to the book is that “Selling and influencing is part of our daily life – not just something salespeople do on the job. We all have demands that we want to meet, whether it’s food, shelter, a new boat or a night out. Communicating these requirements to other parties in a meaningful way so that they can provide them to you is selling and influencing ”.

So yes, this is a book on how to improve your “selling” in all its forms. Much of the advice is basic sales sense – it’s just unfortunate that a large portion of people who sell don’t follow these common sense rules, this is where Huse’s book can be invaluable.

This is not a book on the latest fancy sales, but a step-by-step guide through sales models such as traditional sales, consultative and collaborative sales. It examines sales readiness (building your product and industry knowledge, because knowledge is power for a salesperson), finding your ideal prospects and who to talk to. He then looks at the sales meeting (both physical and over the phone) including a large section on body language, supplemented with illustrations. It then moves on to the sales process with some of the usual topics such as presenting relevant solutions and handling objections. It then looks at sales tracking and how to advance customers from a customer who buys one product to a customer who buys two or more, to become key customers and advocates.

The book is written in an easy to read and digest style with plenty of illustrations to help get the points across. Huse also has regular anecdotes (called sales stories) of real-life situations to go along with the theory. Each section also has a checklist at the end for easy reference.

This book provides great advice for someone new to selling with tips that can come in handy every day. It would be a great investment for your sales journey or that of your teams.

Additionally, a set of coaching cards will be available in the new year, each featuring key points from a section to enable managers to give sales teams easy access to specific areas of training without them having to. to read the full book.

Book only $ 54.95 from Coaching cards Price to be confirmed.

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