Best Sci-Fi Movies

Sci-fi movies today are the part of the genre that has the greatest potential and the part that is exploited in the most detailed and profound way. of Dune from Frank Herbert, which arrived as one of the biggest productions of the year, until BusinessThe highly anticipated Apple TV + series.

the chances great futuristic themes and related to man according to flourishing technology.

Which, of course, also makes it one of the more difficult types to understand. To make it easy, but above all easy to access, we leave you a roadmap through which films and series you must watch, a graphic You can check here. The ones you haven’t seen and the ones that should be added to your list in the future. Take this guided tour and take your sci-fi experience to a new level:

Where do you see the best sci-fi movies?

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cruel science fiction

They include deep space travel, human relationships with artificial intelligence, life on other planets, and survival outside of our world. We can also add puzzles about identity changes from history, time travel, cloning, dystopia and utopia about the distant future.

What are the things you should see? To start your sci-fi movie tour in all its glory, we recommend the following:

Sci-fi space opera

Fifth element

It is one of the most popular subgenres of science fiction movies. Often treated in a futuristic (and speculative) way, the stories include subplots of politics, love, and adventure. Of course, with the space being the main setting, the emphasis is on the characters’ relationships with their surroundings. But the human element remains the most important.

While most likely you’ve already enjoyed some of the subgenres, we’ve left the must-haves for you in the list below.

Work in science fiction

* Edge of Tomorrow * (2014)

It’s clearly a sub-genre that uses sci-fi storylines for action-based storylines. It includes time travel with various consequences (often violent), alien attacks and confrontations with AI.

What are the perfect sci-fi movies to start your journey on such an adventure? the following films:

Yes, comedy too


Science fiction movies also have an extension A special place for comedy, especially when he uses his usual metaphors to make people laugh. Parodies, time travels and all kinds of versions on the great central stories of the genre. There is everything to choose from.


With its pessimistic, melancholy, and often bleak take on the future, the Idealized Technological Dystopia is an essential subgenre of sci-fi movies. The term was coined to define the literary movement led by Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, and John Shirley. It was The biggest boom of the 80s This is in fact the origin of the cinematographic genre.

Which movies should you see to get a broader view of the subgenre? Following:

With a hole for horror

Space, artificial intelligence, time travel and alien communications. The main metaphors of science fiction films are also a perfect setting for scariest arguments. Which of this list of haunting monsters, haunted ships, and deadly aliens remains to be seen?

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