Author DL ​​Davies Publishes Breathtaking Dystopian Novel: A Delight for the Reader’s Soul

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DL Davies

SANTA MARIA, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 13, 2022 / — The world is becoming increasingly tense with all the major events happening day by day, from the terrifying effects of global plastic pollution to the threats of international war triggered by the bombing of Ukraine. An inevitable chaos is waiting to be unleashed on this world. In the book “Gee” by DL Davies, a dystopian world unfolds within our grasp. On each page, Davies unveils a perfect ploy to draw emotional and mental tension to his readers through the story of a child named George Elandier Evansen or better known as “Gee”, living in a post-apocalyptic era.

DL Davies is a 79-year-old military veteran, welder, and auto mechanic who enjoys creating fictional realities of our world in both the past and the future. He is the profound author of the impressive Cuauhtémoc series with four standing books. Davies is proud of his works, with his book, Gee, at the forefront of its recent publication.

Besides the hectic plot and vividly exposed settings, Davies could easily instill fantasy into reality. An editorial review by Philip Zorarro of hollywood book review shared, “Underestimating Gee by his aw-shucks behavior is to your regret. Gee may be young but is scrappy. He will fight for what is right in every situation. A robbery from a bunch of bullies leads to the discovery of a large cache of goods. Gee possesses a magical ability to access these goods almost at will.”

There is greatness in every struggle one will encounter. Gee is the epitome of calm in the midst of chaos and justice in the midst of betrayal. The book takes readers to a place where survival is at its worst, a cannibal state. Despite his “gifts”, Gee still finds himself losing everyone he loves. However, this does not take away what remains of humanity in this young boy.

Zorarro then adds, “Gee is a positive story about the most negative scenario, living in a damaged world. Gee quickly proves a worthy protagonist who deserves support in his attempts to persevere in a decaying society. Abilities Gee’s supernatural powers are only surpassed by his depth of compassion. Author DL ​​Davies has created a character whose circumstances are tragic but who possesses an inner determination that speaks volumes. Gee has no respite within him, which makes it all the more interesting.

DL Davies is also a pretty enticing author. The Moving Words Review writes: “What I liked most was the style and language used by the author. The conversational style and well-thought-out humor serve up a seamless reading experience.” His readers have been constantly amazed since his Cuauhtémoc series, to discover this one-of-a-kind plot with Gee.

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