Art and science in Rome with a contemporary choice

“The image is the inevitable effect of the passage of an idea.” He said Maurizio Mochetti (Rome, 1940), artist who saturday april 2 The review will open Choose contemporary. All the pictures in the world On the official channels of without addressa company involved in the design and management of educational and cultural mediation services for museums for more than ten years.

The work of Maurizio Mochetti between art and science

The screening of the documentary will open the review events Maurizio Mochetti. project for project, expected at Saturday April 2 at 11 a.m. Online on official untitled channels. The film will deepen his artistic research which, since the mid-sixties, has endeavored to question reality through projects and business creations which explore the properties of matter, in relation to space, time and the speed, and in relation to the stakes. Includes atomic physics and quantum mechanics. A research in constant transmission and inspired by contemporary scientific and technical definitions, this has led Mochetti to develop an original thought on the space of art, understood as a fluid field where uncertainty prevails, the interaction of different elements and the dialectic of opposites, such as stagnation and movement complicate relationships. Projects and works follow one another like a great life project in an artistic journey that has never ceased to raise questions, highlighting and documenting the constant evolution of matter, the unpredictability of environmental conditions and the variability consequent of art which, like diamonds, shows innumerable facets.

Choose contemporary. All the pictures in the world

Choose contemporary. All the pictures in the world The project, promoted by Culture of Rome, is the winner of theEUREKA Public Notice! Roma 2020-2021-2022 Edited by the Department of Cultural Activities, and produced in collaboration with the SIAE. Edited by Elena Lydia Scipione, promotes the meeting between artists, researchers, art historians, scientific liaisons and museum educators, to build a transversal and participatory narrative on the encounter between art and science in relation to the artistic and natural heritage of Rome. After the April 2 event dedicated to the Mochetti, the program will continue saturday april 9 A video dedicated to the artist and activist Andreco (Rome, 1978) – established at the Museo Orto Botanico – which, since 2000, has carried out research focusing on human-environment relations, urban space and landscape, anatomy and urbanism, ecology and justice social. Also at the Botanical Garden Museum, Saturday May 7 Instead, a special day will be dedicated to families participating in the satellite project dedicated to schools: the relationship between art and science with children will indeed be explored, thanks to the cooperation with ISPRA and the Higher Institute environmental protection, research and technology Sciences.

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