An Evening With Silk Sonic recalls the soul of the 70s with a contemporary twist


Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak collaborate under the name Silk Sonic to redefine their images with a combination of humor, flair and finesse.

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January 28, 2018; New York, NY, United States; Bruno Mars accepts Album of the Year for 24K Magic at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden.

With the release of his new album, An evening with Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars is no longer the same romantic as he was once called. Mars partnered with Anderson Paak to create Sonic Silk, redefining who he is as an artist both in terms of lyricism and sound.

The album was released by Aftermath Entertainment, known for representing many prestigious artists including Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Dr. Dre, and Atlantic Records. Inspired by “old-school” music, Mars and Paak draw on the soul of the 70s to create rich and moving pieces that still retain a contemporary touch.

There is a great variety in An evening with Silk Sonic. Going from softer ballads like “Put on a Smile” to daring and energetic tracks like “777”, Mars and Paak have composed a diverse musical repertoire.

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Some of them work, and honestly, some don’t. Fans online have criticized the fact that “Fly As Me” appears to be from an Old Navy commercial, and this assessment is not inaccurate. The lyrics and music don’t quite line up when verbal allusions to sexual themes contrast with a flashback that doesn’t seem to match.

However, this unique piece is not representative of the whole album. “Smoking Out The Window” has gained popularity online, which makes sense given the brightness and cheekiness of the room. The pre-chorus is bold and a bit vulgar, but catchy nonetheless.

“This b… made me pay his rent, pay for his trips.

Diamonds on her neck, diamonds on her wrist,

And here I am all alone “

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The lyrics throughout the song were creative and inventive, even shocking coming from Mars who was previously known to write with more affection and warmth. Mars and Paak designed a fun and humorous piece that generated excitement around the new album ahead of its release.

“Leave the Door Open” acts perfectly as the first full song after the intro, relying on a catchy rehearsal to grab the audience and keep them tuned in. Mars and Paak let their vocals shine during the chorus with beautiful harmonies and rich notes struck by both artists. This track was also released as a single months before the album’s release, topping the charts and giving Sonic Silk a name.

An evening with Silk Sonic is a fun and masterful work that recalls the musical generations of the past, but does not shy away from modern references and sounds. While not all of the pieces work for the general theme that Mars and Paak attempted, most are able to portray that classic 70s soul energy. The album really is amusing to listen to, which is kind of what everyone needs at this time of year.


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