America has a new superhero and it’s a book titled 2021 American Ideologies Reimagined by Jameel L. Radford

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The image shows the innovative new invention of the patent pending grab bar.  Two illustrations show usage applications which include: attached to the rear of law enforcement vehicles eliminating the need for ground stops, a

Detention bar invention – Humane way of holding and restraining on the ground and in the air

The image is an illustration of the Digicational SmartBook, an innovative new learning console with 4 interactive screens that share some similarities with tablets, but the 4 screens are connected to provide 7th grade students in College with digita

Digicational SmartBook – Patent pending, innovative new learning console that replaces textbooks and instructional books and enables students to have virtual classrooms and classmates from all over the world. This is the only book students will need from 7t

The newest American superhero, the book “2021 American Ideologies Reimagined” has been officially published.

Tomorrow has come early, are you ready? “

– Jameel L. Radford

GARFIELD HTS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2021 / – America has a new superhero, and it’s a book called ‘2021 American ideologies reinvented‘by Jameel L. Radford or AIRAIR has been officially released by the great AMAZON and is committed to:
Counter division, injustice and subjugation with the truth,
 Challenge the methodologies / ideologies of the status quo that produce low returns in humanity,
 Introduce innovative and revolutionary DE&I ideas that unify
Provide invention solutions – patents pending that transform law enforcement arrests and detention procedures by eliminating arrests on the ground and knees to the neck, chest or back, as well as a restraint system applicable to commercial airlines for restraining and detaining unruly passengers in flight called the “Detention bar®
 Overhaul of the struggling education system including methodology, framework and structure with evolved curricula and a technologically advanced learning invention that prepares students for the 21st century and beyond called the ‘Digital SmartBook®

“2021 American Ideologies Reimagined” is a “how-to” book about improving society and building a path to the future. It is a daring journey to examine American ideologies of parenthood, education, employment, humanity, justice and government, meeting and countering perception through truth to challenge the status quo and complacency with innovative and transformational ideas and recommendations.

America’s newest superhero, AIR, wastes no time tackling issues and tackles some of the national challenges that elude elected officials sent to Washington, sending out solutions and recommendations to counter apathy, division, conspiracy, procrastination, circular discussions, injustice, rights and privileges.
 Parental responsibility
Education reform
Humanity (Fairness and Moral Decency)
 Gun control / Accountability
Immigration reform
 Diversity and employment development
Climate change
Responsibility of government
Arrests and detentions on the ground by the police
 Airline passenger safety
 Diversity, equity and inclusion

Readers are invited to embark on a journey of discovery, self-assessment, beliefs and perspectives from chapter to chapter comparing proclamation to practice. The journey begins slowly with a careful examination of shared beliefs in the constructs of human behavior and societal functions with the promise of an intensifying quality of life and stimulating cognitive stimulation throughout the book.

America’s newest superhero provides government, politicians, public and private sector leaders with ideas, recommendations, and solutions that address many of the issues and challenges America faces today, from reform to immigration to diversity, equity and inclusion, and also provides inspiration for American people to have real conversations on the journey to democracy, justice and a nation.

One of humanity’s greatest tools is communication and the 2021 American Ideologies Reimagined book can be a conversation starter to bring people from all walks of life together to open their minds and hearts to the realm of new and innovative possibilities. to develop the republic, strengthen democracy and reinvent a better future marked by prosperity, equity and justice for all. Newest American superhero kicked off the conversations with a letter to President Joe Biden sharing the jail bar news® patent pending, as well as letters to CEOs of automotive manufacturing at Ford, GM / Chevy, Dodge / Chrysler and CEOs of airlines of United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. In addition, a letter was sent to the CEOs of Microsoft, Google, Apple and to share the news regarding the Digicational SmartBook.® and opportunities to skip education in the 21st century and beyond.

Buy “2021 American Ideologies Reimagined” today and team up with America’s newest superhero to reinvent a brighter future. Investing in AIR is an investment in America’s future and prosperity, especially when no other body, institution, group, or party is willing or able to tackle volume societal issues with commitment and determination to provide solutions like AIR. AIR will be remembered by history. as America’s priceless, priceless, beyond calculable or evaluable superhero.
Author: Radford, Jameel Lateef

Illustrator: Radford, Jameel Lateef
Drawings by: Radford, Jameel Lateef
ISBN: 978-0-578-32569-9
Publication date: December 2021
Editor: Jameel L Radford
Book Format: Paperback
List Price: $ 99.95

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