A sci-fi novel depicts the bleak future of reproductive regulation


Hilary Smith, MD

Hilary Smith, MD

“Dys-Conception” is Hilary Smith’s cautionary tale warning of technological dangers

USA, January 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the year 2102, human bodies and minds are controlled by the authorities. People’s growth and development are controlled from childhood, their hormones and functions are regulated, while most media has been banned, eradicating any notion of love and lust. Even human birth has become a sterile, mechanized process. This is the world ofDys-Design“, the nightmarish future of author Hilary Smith. Within its pages, readers will follow a brave protagonist who struggles to preserve her humanity in this brave new world of technological tyranny, who dares to claim ownership of her body.

In Smith’s dystopian future, babies are conceived after extensive screening, eggs and sperm are scanned for all known genetic disorders. Infectious diseases have been virtually eradicated, and scientists are able to recreate almost every part of the human body, making all kinds of tissues and organs – except for the uterus. Women are still needed for procreation, but becoming a mother is a tightly regulated process, a privilege rather than a natural human act.

The novel follows Hannah who is a naturally made human being who loves her mother and cherishes the memories of her father, but these seemingly normal aspects have made her a social outcast in their world. The ostracism has reached the point where it even begins to resent this natural heritage. At 20, she began her career as a nurse. She also desires to have a baby and goes through the cold and soulless process to be allowed to become a mother, going through humiliating tests and painful procedures, even being part of horrific experiments and secret government programs. Readers will see exactly what Hannah has to go through to protect herself and her child, and what their horrible society demands of their citizens, the toll they impose on people for their mere existence.

“The different people in my novel react in unique ways to the rapidly changing world around them. Interesting stories connect people across generations and show different viewpoints. The reader easily empathizes with the characters and their struggles. Like many of us, they celebrate small triumphs while facing many unmet expectations and regrets.” said Smith. Sci-fi aficionados and readers avid dystopian fiction will find “Dys-Conception” a compelling narrative, shades of “Handmaiden’s Tale,” “1984,” and “Brave New World,” she builds a dark but plausible future society. which serves as the canvas of its protagonists’ lives and their struggles – serving as a warning or reflection of current trends and possible paths down which humanity may descend.

About the Author
Hilary Smith is a pediatrician and a mother who decided to write a novel. She is a Westchester native, graduated summa cum laude from SUNY-Albany, attended NYU Medical School, and completed her pediatric residency at Bellevue/NYU. Currently, she lives with her husband and their two sons. She enjoys writing, reading, playing the piano and clarinet, and walking her dog. She was featured in the “Rebuilding Your Life” podcast with Susan Sherayko in October 2021.

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