A new AI tool to improve neural network prompts

A Parisian startup, led by CEO Denis Shilov, has introduced a new AI tool, “Phraser”. Phraser uses ML to help users write neural network prompts for networks like DALLE-2, Mid Journey, Stable Diffusion, Disco Diffusion, Craiyon, and others.

According to the developers, Phraser is the only software that leverages ML to help users create neural network prompts. Users can use features such as style, content type, color, quality, camera settings and many more. Additionally, smart search allows users to search based on prompt meaning and search multiple neural networks in the results, instead of using keywords.

A Phraser user must enter three keywords, at least one noun, no negations, at least one adjective, and one dependent object. Then the template displays an image based on all the entered keywords. For example, if words such as “girl”, “forest” or “white”, the image of a girl in a white dress standing in a forest appears on the screen, along with several other similar images. This feature saves time and money by allowing users to observe how different keywords and styles affect the overall output.

Phraser’s latest smart search feature uses a database of millions of images previously created by Mid journey, Stable Diffusion and DALLE-2. Since its launch, more than 3000 people have used the tool.

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