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Marcelo Ricardo Zeballos is a contemporary artist. He was born in Argentina. He studied at the University of Buenos Aires at the Faculty of Architecture. He started his artistic career in 1997.

His painting arrives as a new form of poetic beauty and has an impact on intellectual circles.

The works show the ideal woman, autonomous, complete and independent. The empty spaces of her fabrics radiate light and sunshine, and their natural surroundings, the scents of flowers.

The blue of the sea goes hand in hand with her palette, and the ideology of the feminine manages to anchor itself.

In these paintings, one should not look for the imprint left by the hair of the brush, nor the fury of the rapid stroke, nor the spontaneous expression.

His painting is rational, with an orderly, neat, impeccably executed composition.

They are the result of two elements: aesthetics and concept. Similar to the world of graphic design, the language is very popular and understandable, figurative, with strong contrast and synthesis. And, in the balance between whites and blacks, the saturated and vibrant primaries also participate.

To speak with Zeballos is to understand his work. What he says, he says again, painting.

There they are: women. In their own spaces. Walk in a park. Purchases. Sharing friendship and relaxation.

Great close-ups of beautiful faces, like in the movies, medium shots, full silhouettes and fashion accessories are symbols of this.

Here, frivolity is present as a virtue, and the dose of sensuality and eroticism is the strategy of an explicit message at recreation.

For more information:

Instagram: @mzeballos1

Web: www.marcelozaballos.com.ar

Engineer: @vassiliosvitsilogiannis

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