9 of the best TV shows to watch in November

9 Willow

Playing on the nostalgia and also aiming to reach a younger generation, Willow brings back Warwick Davis as the wizarding hero Nelwyn from the beloved 1988 fantasy film. In a story set 30 years after the original, Kit (Ruby Cruz) , Sorsha’s daughter – a warrior in the film, turned queen and once again played by Joanne Whalley – seeks out Willow and asks her to find her kidnapped twin brother. . Willow recruits a ragtag group (is there another?) and they set off on another adventure through fantasy realms. Kevin Pollak and Rick Overton repeat their roles as Brownies, with Christian Slater playing an undisclosed new character. Jonathan Kasdan, screenwriter of Solo: A Star Wars Story, is the showrunner. There will be fairies, knights, special effects and presumably the conquest of evil. In the trailer, Kit sets the tone when she tells Willow, “The world still needs you. It needs your magic.”

Willow airs November 30 on Disney+

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