8 fictional schools that were as wild as Euphoria’s East Highlands High

Euphoriait’s East Highlands High School has got to be one of the craziest and most stressful high schools in America.

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You have fights, backstabbings and dramas around every corner; and it seems that even the administrators have abandoned these children since we have not seen any administrator or teacher trying to bring order to this chaotic high school. As crazy as East Highlands is, there have been other high schools that have been even crazier than this one, both on TV and in movies. Let’s go to class before the bell rings, okay.

Beverly High School (all american)

image-all-american-high school

It seems that when Spencer James transferred from South Crenshaw High to Beverly High School, he would move away from urban drama and focus on football. This did not turn out to be the case.

Instead, Beverly High School had its share of drama around every corner that Spencer and her friends had to navigate daily. While not as crazy as East Highlands, Beverly has had her share of drama to write a book about.


McKinley High School (Joy)

Image via Fox

No one would think a high school built on signing and dancing on every corner would be so crazy, would they?

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However, that’s what makes McKinley High School such a crazy place to go to high school. Imagine walking to class, then suddenly the whole hallway erupts into a perfectly choreographed dance routine that will leave you speechless. It’s crazy, but in a good way.

Westerburg High School (Heathers)

the heathers
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The Heathers of Westerburg High School were the undisputed bad girls of the school.

It seemed like they were running Westerburg with a perfectly manicured iron fist, with students tired of crossing the Heathers, and watching that scare play out in real time must have driven JD crazy. We’re not saying he was right about what he and Veronica did; but in all honesty, can you blame them?

Ridgemont High School (Fast times at Ridgemont High)


Fast Times At Ridgemont High is, without a doubt, one of the greatest teen movies ever made; and what made it so special were the characters that populated the halls of Ridgemont High School.

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From stoners to jocks, Ridgemont seemed to have every unique character known to man, making the atmosphere fun, goofy and crazy for everyone who attended.

West Beverly High School (Beverly Hills, 90210)


A school where it is mostly populated by rich kids may not look like a school where drama and madness reign supreme; but you would be wrong.

West Beverly, which was the central setting for the first seasons of Beverly Hills, 90210, had as much drama as any high school on TV, though it was a bit more low-key than the other high schools on this list. For the drama alone, everyone, rich or poor, wanted to attend West Beverly High.

Bayside High School (saved by the bell)

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While the original Bayside High School was full of original characters, the reboot of saved by the bell changed the atmosphere of Bayside from quirky charm to a schoolhouse that had drama around every corner.

The new addition of Bayside High School has an influx of low-income students flooding Bayside’s upper ladder, and with a mix of different cultures from different backgrounds and income statuses, drama is sure to lurk at every corner of this SoCal high school.

Eastside High School (lean on me)


Eastside High School was an actual high school in Patterson, New Jersey that was plagued by crime and drugs throughout the 80s until Joe Clark restored order and raised learning standards of his students.

While Lean On Me may have leaned more into the drama side of Eastside’s story, the fact remains that before Joe Clark took over, Eastside was a dangerous place to go. in high school, earning a spot on this list.

Picture via CTV

Listen to the theme song of Degrassi (“Whatever It Takes”), you’ll feel like the lyrics fit perfectly with the school that serves as the central setting for one of TV’s best teen dramas.

Degrassi is a school full of drama; from bullying to more serious topics such as pregnancy and suicide, it always seemed like Degrassi was always hit with a Category Five drama storm in every episode. The kids who attend Degrassi have certainly made it, but they’ve been through a hell of a storm to get there.

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