5 of the best contemporary romance books for steamy reads

Forget those old Mills & Boon paperbacks that Nanna used to read. Contemporary romance novels are very trendy right now – and there really is something for everyone. Thanks in part to the rise of BookTok, readers everywhere are discovering the joys of the romance genre.

Here are five of the best contemporary romance novels.

Red, white and royal blue by Casey McQuiston

Red, white and royal blue follows the story of first son Alex Claremont-Diaz, who finds himself in a secret relationship with Prince Henry of England in the midst of his mother’s re-election campaign. It’s a beautiful story of foes to lovers, celebrating age-old friendships, valuing determination and hard work, and providing a gorgeous depiction of different same-sex relationships. The premise might be a little unrealistic (unfortunately) but hey, it’s romance. It’s supposed to be a fantasy!

Here for the Right Reasons by Jodi McAlister

Australian author Jodi McAlister has written a bespoke book for fans of reality TV shows. Here for the right reasons introduces us to Cece, who has just been cast as “Juliet” on the hit TV show “Marry Me, Juliet.” The thing is, Cece really is not in it “for the right reasons” – she’s knee-deep in debt and desperate for the show’s paycheck. Thankfully, her beau Dylan isn’t “for the right reasons either.” Here for the right reasons is set in modern times (COVID and all) and it’s sure to enchant.

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Funny and sensitive at the same time, boyfriend material skillfully employs the romantic trope of the “fake relationship.” Luc O’Donnell, as the son of rock star parents, is reluctantly famous. After a compromising photo appears online, he must find a nice, normal relationship to clean up his image. That’s where vegetarian lawyer Oliver Blackwood comes in. However, the problem with fake relationships is that in the end, they start to feel extremely real. It’s the perfect time to catch up boyfriend material because Alexis Hall’s new novel husband material releases in August 2022.

The Deception of Spanish Love by Elena Armas

The deception of Spanish love is another novel highly recommended by BookTok romance. This story includes both a fake relationship and a tale of enemies to lovers, as Catalina Martín reluctantly accepts her condescending colleague Aaron Blackford’s offer to accompany her to her sister’s wedding in Spain. As Catalina gets to know Aaron better, she realizes that he might not be as horrible in the real world as he is in the office. You, dear reader, will be on the hunt for your very own Aaron Blackford in no time.

Alison Cochrun’s Charm Offensive

The Charm Offensive is another contemporary romance novel set in the world of a reality TV show – except this time, romance erupts between a producer and the show’s executive. Annoying! Dev Deshpande is a ridiculously successful producer for ‘Ever After’, a dating show in the style of The single person. Even as his own love life crumbles and burns, Dev is able to craft — or craft — the perfect love story for “Ever After.” That is until disgraced tech whiz Charlie Winshaw became the main man. Things are sure to go off-script once sparks start to fly between Dev and Charlie…

So go ahead, choose your new favorite book and spend the rest of the Aussie winter curled up in front of the radiator losing yourself in romance. You won’t regret it for a moment.

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