15 Fictional Black Rom-Com Couples We Hope We’ll Always Be Together

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The essence of black love is one of the most endearing forces in the world, capable of filling anyone’s heart with joy, whether it happens in real life or told as a fictional tale in the form of a good romantic comedy. As for the latter, we’re just hoping that some of those fictional black couples we’ve seen having happy endings were actually serious about the “forever” part.

For those celebrating Valentine’s Day or those craving some examples of what a noir romance can look like, we’ve put together a list of 15 rom-com couples who were so convincingly in love that we hope ‘they’re still somewhere in the multiverse to make it last.


How could anyone forget the portrayal of Sanaa Lathan and Taye Diggs as Sidney and Andre, respectively, of the 2002 fan favorite brown sugar? Has their hip-hop love affair in New York spanned the past two decades? You also have the iconic role of Angela Bassett as Stella – has she spent the past 25 years still enjoying island romance with her young fling, Winston, also played by the talented Diggs?

We thought it was fair to revisit the classics – from the 90s onwards Boomerang at On springs, then we went through the golden age of the 2000s with It’s a two-player game and Why did I get married? to name a few – and the film’s trip down memory lane made us fall in love all over again.


For those who’ve ever wondered if Ray and Eva delivered anything else after their happily ever after, or if Shante and Keith finally quit acting.
“this game” with each other, have fun with us checking out
15 Fictional Couples Of Black Rom-Coms Who Hopefully Will
were written to last forever:



1. Marcus and Angela (Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry)

Boomerang (1992)

A perfect example for those trying to find love at work. Let’s hope that Jacqueline Broyer, thirsty for power, does not come between these two again!

2. Darnell & Mia (Martin Lawrence & Regina King)

A thin line between love and hate (1996)

For the sake of these childhood sweethearts, we pray that Brandi Web causes no trouble in their lives and that she has finally repaired this “crack in her heart.”

3. Montel & Brandy (Rusty Cundieff & Tisha Campbell)

On springs (1997)

We imagine that in the 25 years since they finally met, these two have enjoyed more day trips to the park and hopefully had a better band. best friends who don’t hate their happiness!

4. Stella and Winston (Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs)

How Stella got her groove back (1998)

Ever since Stella chose to stay with Winston by following him to that airport, single women of a certain age have held out hope that a vacation adventure could turn into a lifelong adventure. We’re sure Quincy now has a few younger siblings.

5. Shante & Keith (Vivica A. Fox & Morris Chestnut)

It’s a two-player game (2001)

Even though that relationship didn’t technically make it to the 2007 sequel, we’d like to believe that these two did return for one final ride. All this gambling, for nothing?! We doubt it!

6. Sid & Dre (Sanaa Lathan & Taye Diggs)

brown sugar (2002)

One of the strongest (and coolest!) examples of black love in film, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that these two started a family and birthed a new generation of hip heads. -hop.

7. Ray & Eva (LL Cool J & Gabrielle Union)

Deliver us from Eva (2003)

As if Eva’s family of women weren’t big enough, we can definitely see her and Ray having their own daughters that form a sisterly bond that no man can buy.

8. Al & Paris (Nick Cannon & Christina Milian)

Love costs nothing (2003)

Even though a real-life relationship didn’t last between Nick and Christina, the California love in the fictional world of Alvin and Paris is still going strong in our eyes.

9. Julia & Monty (Gabrielle Union & Idris Elba)

Daddy’s little girls (2007)

Considering the work Julia had to put in to get on the good side of Monty’s three daughters, we’re going to take a chance and say their blended family is still just as close.

10. Richard and Brenda (Chris Rock and Gina Torres)

I think I love my wife (2007)

Maintaining a marriage can be difficult, especially with a mistress as fine as Kerry Washington. However, we think the Coopers are currently experiencing marital bliss and no longer have to “think” too hard about their love for each other.

11. Leslie & Scott (Queen Latifah & Common)

Just Wright (2010)

A power couple is definitely a sight to behold, and these two surely still score high in their relationship on and off the court.

12. Angela and Marcus (Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White)

Why did I get married too? (2010)

We got to see these two make it work for six more years in the TV spin-off, For the best or for the worstand we can’t help feeling that the last five years have been filled with comedic bliss between this dysfunctional love couple.

13. Sabrina & Jason (Paula Patton & Laz Alonso)

Jump the broom (2011)

In a (fictional) perfect world, these two have made the Cupid Shuffle their own little love language shared by the whole family.

14. Danny and Debbie (Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant)

About last night (2014)

In addition to their relationship, we also hope that the dog that brought Danny and Debbie together maintains their bond as well.

15. Candace and Michael (Regina Hall and Terrence J)

Think like a man too (2014)

With friends like theirs, it’s impossible to believe that their marriage at the end of the film isn’t going well yet. Hopefully, we can see their 10th anniversary roll out in theaters in a few years!

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